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Emulator Developer
I added the Rumble Pak feature to the Blight Input plugin, in rev 164. The original patch had some problems, but I got it working on my system (with logitech wireless rumblepad 2) and it should also support the system of the original author of the patch. I encourage people to test it out. There are some pre-requisites:

1. You must have the HID Force Feedback option enabled in your kernel. This option is labeled "experimental" as of 2.6.23-r3.

2. You must have the proper HID force feedback driver for your gamepad enabled in your kernel.

3. You must have the proper permissions set on the device file which is associated with your joystick (/dev/input/event*). If this condition is not met but #1 and 2 are, the plugin will print out a warning message giving the filename of the device file.