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It is so good to be back on IRC


The Soul Reaving Gentleman
Great to be riding high back in #emulation64 back with my good old mates.

[17:14] <Azimer> hrm... must be useful...
[17:15] <Azimer> RIFT Open Beta starts Feb 15th :p
[17:15] <@Gent> :p
[17:15] <@Gent> hows that being useful? :p
[17:15] <Azimer> It's not
[17:15] <Azimer> :(
[17:15] <@Gent> lmao
[17:16] <Azimer> Defeat any dungeon boss and you could be eligible to win an NVIDIA 460 video card!
[17:16] <@Gent> irc quote :p
[17:16] <Azimer> woohoo!
[17:16] <@Gent> gp start the ball rolling az :p
[17:17] <Azimer> Sign me up! /slasharm
[17:17] <@Gent> lmao]
[17:17] <Azimer> ball rolling down hill man... down hill.... queue benny hill!
[17:18] <@Gent> roflmao
[17:18] <@Gent> i know see that running sequence to the music :p
[17:18] <Azimer> hehe
[17:18] <Azimer> I feel like that somedays

Expect many many more no doubt lol