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Is there a code for Greater than Activator?


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I am wanting a code for checking if a value is less than / greater than a specific value. is that possible?

I attached 2 images to this post.

1. gameShark1.jpeg : these are the codes I know of that can be used to verify the value at a given address is equal / not equal to a specific value.
2. playstation1.jpeg : these are codes for playstation - i am looking for the equivalent codes for Project64.
3. sheen_60_or_less.jpeg: Ogre Battle 64 guide requires a the 'Chaos Frame' to be below 60 for Sheen to join

Reason I am wanting this is in Ogre Battle 64 there is a hidden value called 'Chaos Frame' and it is never displayed, until you finish the game then finally you see if it.
Some Special characters such as Sheen do not join your party unless your 'Chaos Frame' is below a certain value.

He mentioned code to change "Chaos Frame" directly, but I am just wanting to check what it's current value is.

A. There are two codes that must be entered and activated:
Enabler code: F109A730 2400
Chaos Frame Modifier: 801936A9 00xx

Nintendo 64 list of GameShark code types: https://macrox.gshi.org/The Hacking Text.htm##n64_code_types
Ogre Battle 64 Chaos Frame FAQ: https://www.neoseeker.com/ogre-battle-64/faqs/95921-chaos-frame.html

I did reach out to the original author of the Ogre Battle 64 Chaos Frame FAQ 5 years ago asking her this question, she never got back to me and she says in her FAQ she won't respond to emails.


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In the Ogre Battle Chaos Frame FAQ she says:

"5. How I Locate Changes in the Chaos Frame:

Before I open a game file, I turn on the GameShark's code generator.
After I've opened the game file, I use the memory editor function of the
Gameshark to go to the address for the chaos frame code; it shows me the
current value of the chaos frame. I frequently use the GameShark to
pause the game and look at the chaos frame's value. If it has changed,
I look at what just happened. This is also how I determine what factors
really do change the chaos frame."

I'm a programmer myself, but I do not understand what she means.
BTW Ogre Battle 64 does have a Save State Editor that allows me to examine and change a bunch of stuff, just not the Chaos Frame.


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Here is a list of codes that are & not supported in Project64.

Supported Codes: N 6 4 C O D E T Y P E S

Format Description

80-XXXXXX 00YY 8-Bit Constant Write

81-XXXXXX YYYY 16-Bit Constant Write

50-00AABB CCCC Serial Repeater

88-XXXXXX 00YY 8-Bit GS Button Write

89-XXXXXX YYYY 16-Bit GS Button Write

D0-XXXXXX YYYY 8-Bit If Equal To

D1-XXXXXX YYYY 16-Bit If Equal To

D2-XXXXXX YYYY 8-Bit If Not Equal To

D3-XXXXXX YYYY 16-Bit If Not Equal To

A0-XXXXXX 00YY 8-Bit Constant Write (Uncached)

A1-XXXXXX YYYY 16-Bit Constant Write (Uncached)

Un supported Codes: N 6 4 C O D E T Y P E S

Format Description

CC-000000 0000 Disable Expansion Pak
DD-000000 0000 Disable Expansion Pak
EE-000000 0000 Disable Expansion Pak

DE-XXXXXX 0000 Download & Execute

F0-XXXXXX 00YY 8-Bit Bootup Write Once

F1-XXXXXX YYYY 16-Bit Bootup Write Once

FF-XXXXXX 0000 Store Activated Cheat Codes

To my knowledge, there is no Less than/Greater than equivalent to the playstation code types on the N64.

Maybe the activator you are looking for your effect is in the:

D2-XXXXXX YYYY 8-Bit If Not Equal To

D3-XXXXXX YYYY 16-Bit If Not Equal To

but, i will throw this over to my friend retroben who's knowledge on this subject is far greater than mine I am sure.


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