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iPods are like hookers


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[03:01pm] [|DuDe|] Hm, that freeipods.com thing is actually legit
[03:02pm] [|DuDe|] Maybe we should start a thread like this at Emutalk?
[03:02pm] [Knux] stupid talking ad on top
[03:02pm] [vampireuk] nein
[03:02pm] [|DuDe|] But I want a free Ipod!
[03:02pm] * »» nick change Mask|away ([email protected]) changes nick to "Masken}"
[03:03pm] [vampireuk] if you read the site there is no guarantee it will be sent to you due to the massive backlog
[03:03pm] [[Hex]] stupid iPods
[03:03pm] [dxn] vamp have me on ignore?
[03:03pm] [Knux] dxn : possible
[03:03pm] [[Hex]] for the same price you could get a creative zen or a nomad
[03:04pm] [|DuDe|] Yeah, but I wouldn't mind getting one for free :D
[03:04pm] [[Hex]] me either :p
[03:04pm] [Knux] say smth vamp wouldn't like to hear :p
[03:04pm] [vampireuk] i still view it as a scam to be honest
[03:04pm] [[Hex]] if you hand me one no stirngs attached, I won't complain, but to buy one? not a chance
[03:05pm] [|DuDe|] Well, yeah, it's indeed a shitty thing to buy
[03:05pm] [[Hex]] I know people who have them and love them
[03:05pm] [|DuDe|] Well, there are people out there that love tripple penetration anal sex
[03:05pm] [[Hex]] if they werent so overpriced it owuldnt be a bad thing ot have, but god, 15 gigs for 250 when you can get a zen thats 30 for the same price
[03:05pm] [|DuDe|] Doesn't mean it's right
[03:05pm] [vampireuk] lmao
[03:06pm] [vampireuk] or the double A double V
[03:06pm] [|DuDe|] Orgazmo plz
[03:06pm] [vampireuk] :D
[03:06pm] [[Hex]] i saw 40 gig zens, buy it now for 150 on ebay
[03:06pm] [[Hex]] DuDe, i didnt know you annoucened your stripper name in channel :p


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I don't need an iPod, and I don't want an iPod. I don't really even use the portable CD player I have that can take MP3 CDs that often.


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Well, I've got an iPod an it's probably the best this I've bought this past year! It gets a load of stick but IMO it's fantastic! :satisfied