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input problems


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i only got Zelda OoT and got input problems with uhle2064

i use glide64 for graphics
azimers audio v0.40 beta 2 for sound
and n-rage's direct input8 v2 1.82 for input

got a pIII 500 and a vodoo 3 3000

every time i start emulation, i have to switch into fullscreen mode (it says i hav to press alt+enter but uhle requires f12

and afterwards the game plays well ... everything is fully functional (except minor sound probs and graphic probs when inside a shop or house)
but i can't stop emulatipon, save stats and so on
i only have control over the controller functions, but not over the uhle funtions, as if the input plugin only lets the game commands through,but not the emu commands

anyone here who can help me please?

:edit: using winXP
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