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I'm getting tired of the spam


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I suggest a reconsolidation and reorganisation of the forums boards, i've always found it to a be a little disorganised.

maybe moving the long dead (and barely used) n64 emulators into a single section, and rearranging the non emulator discussion sections.

all the General *Console and General *Handheld discusions should be consolidated, theres too many boards with no activity for there to be a point to keeping them as individual sections.

NullDC, FCEUX and other boards are also not present :p

Yup we've discussed that in staff, it will be done after the upgrade :)


At your service, dood!
Well, we have mods checking the board fairly frequently now, we may have to think about doing that if Emutalk becomes much more popular in the future which is possible with some elbow grease :D