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I'm back!


Seek 'n' Destroy
Sorry 'bout the long wait, I've been so busy with my school work, that I've been getting massive headaches every night.

Anyway, now I can relax and visit EmuTalk for a while.

Would anyone like to send me there emulators for me to upload to my site? I know that Normmatt may want to, if you can email the emulator and a desciption to me at [email protected]

Once you send it to me, the my webhost's spam filter will reply to your email - click the link in the email to vaildiate your email address. Once you have vaildiated your email address, the email you sent from your address will be accepted and arrive in my inbox.

I won't change any code in any Emulators, trust me.

No, I'm not advertising my site, I'm just wondering how many emulators would want to be hosted on my site (The Gaming Arena).