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I'd like to build an emulator

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Sirdar Bey

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I posted this in chankast as well.


I'm a software developer and into games. I have lots of emulators that I really like, but the DC emus aren't all that great in my opinion.

I'd like to put a team together and lead the development of a new dreamcast emulator that will hopefully be more than a proof of concept.

I'm looking for a team of people to work on this with me as I can't do it alone due to time constraints. I'm happy to develop from another source tree if anyone has one, or am more than happy to start from scratch.

I'd like to open source it if people are into it.

This is a serious inquiry. I have many years experience leading a variety of software development teams, and have been thinking about an open source project to undertake, and I think this is what I'd like to do.

I'd be looking for 1 or more of the following people with some time on their hands to do a little work.

* General developer, c++, knows the deal
* Software architect, preferrably someone that has worked on large projects before, so decisions are not soley reliant on me
* Someone really into optimizing. I like doing this but find that I don't have the time like I used to.
* A visual designer for some basic graphics for the app

If there is no source tree to start from:

* Someone really familiar with sound programming, and with the yamaha hardware in the DC
* Ditto for the 3d libraries that the DC has

Information I'd like to gather:

* Information on the GDROM image formats that are out there
* I'd like to standardize on a second format, say Alcohol format (.mds, etc) for the driver for images. Something that can handle everything. so information on that format

Is anyone here willing to get involved with such a project? Please contact me if so and you have some skills and some time.

Contact by email at [email protected] or reply here.


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You should drop by in #emudev on efnet (IRC, a good client is xchat(lin) or mirc(win))

I have a lot of information that might help.


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Well it would be nothing short of fantastic if you could develop a dreamcast emulator, and also if you could do a port for the xbox.

Basically i have been into emulation for a while, and the only gap in my experience is the emulation of great sgea games like the daytona series and sega rally. This would be fantastic.


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Its being updated :)Ivan Toledo, dcemu's author and main programmer, updated the cvs yesterday and there is a branch of mine dcemu-exp where all my patches go to before they go into the main branch.


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As you say, you already posted it (double posting isn't allowed here), which was moved to programming since it's not related to a specific emulator, so please stick to the other thread. Closed.
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