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Icarus homepage updated


Emu64 Staff
<b>Icarus homepage updated</b>

Check out <a href="http://boobcast.boob.co.uk/screenshots3.htm" target="_blank">those</a> cool screenshots on Icarus' <a href="http://boobcast.boob.co.uk/" target="_blank">homepage</a>, that show some ingame shots of Crazy Taxi and Virtua Striker 2. Apparently, those were taken using F|RES new GFX plugin.<br>EDIT : Check out <a href="http://icarus.boob.co.uk/gallery/Nov02/crazy_taxi_008.jpg" target="_blank">this</a> Crazy Taxi ingame shot... WOW.<br>EDIT 2 : and how about <a href="http://icarus.boob.co.uk/gallery/Nov02/doa2_002.jpg" target="_blank">that</a>?