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I really need help. I have the .cdi image mounted on G drive (Sonic Adventure 2), but how do I run it? There's no init option like there is mentioned in the guide. PLEASE HELP!!


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File --> Run would probably be the closest alternative, IIRC. It doesn't hurt to look around the menus and try them out to see what they do.

Having said that, is there a particular reason why you're using Chankast, considering nullDC and Demul are more or less years ahead in terms of compatibility and accuracy?

Using Chankast is like bringing a fork into a gunfight - sure, you'll probably get some result after lots of tries, but the results in question are poor, and you probably had to had to strap extra options to your fork with duct tape to get the results that you did. You'll also be cursing your weapon of choice in the face of superior tech.

Not to say that this superior tech doesn't have its own issues, but the overall experience will be better.
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