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I have a PS2 Controller and a PC Plugin adaptor port for it. Please help configure.


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I feel like I'm about to break my computer and this new ****. If I can't get any help, I think I might lose my patience and break everything. It was working perfectly fine with my last controller and controller plugin adaptor port I had. I'm so stressed out. All this wasted money. And for some reason, even though I have a pretty good computer, I can't view certain games 3x the native grapihical resolution without lagging like WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2006. NVIDIA Geforce 720 is the Graphics Card I have. I even updated it.

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This is so bad. I binded my controls right and now they're not being processed right by the ROMS I downloaded. I literally can't even grapple. You can only strike and run. So imagine what I'm going through. Something is seriously wrong with this. I can't believe my luck. I was so excited about this and now I'm dreading it.
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