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I felt like playing SSBM


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Yeah, I felt like Playing Smash again on Dolwin ...... and well... completed the Classic Story mode with Fox, fighted against jigglyPuff and unlocked it..... got trophies and so...

made many many shots (32), they are in the zip, but I attached some of the "best" ones :p

P.S. This is the released Dolwin version, both modified map and patch files that I made were used. Also, don't look at the FPS, it's really inaccurate. Some places (special stages and so) were quite "fast" (~10fps+).
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U mean till now u havent got any information from him?
Maybe he is busy with his bebe in real life.;)
Who know miracle would happend.:p


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hello man, wow nice job, but u can help me??? i have the smbm, but when i started in dolwin, i see a greyscreen, and i cant play, u can help me to configure corect??