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I feeled the power


Wilson's Friend
[16:48] <Falcon4ev> you run away again
[16:48] * Falcon4ev is now known as Falc|Zzz
[16:48] <Falc|Zzz> good night :p
[16:48] * Falc|Zzz sets mode: +vv _Chrono_ t0rek
[16:50] <[ShizZy]> night
[16:50] <[ShizZy]> nope, no isos yet
[16:50] <Falc|Zzz> tsk
[16:50] <Falc|Zzz> anyways good night
[16:52] <t0rek> OMG... I'm voiced! thanks people
[16:52] * [ShizZy] sets mode: +o t0rek
[16:52] <[ShizZy]> feel teh power
[16:52] <t0rek> OMG!!!!!!!!
[16:52] <t0rek> thanks
[16:52] * [ShizZy] sets mode: -o `plot`
[16:53] * [ShizZy] sets mode: +v `plot`
[16:53] * [ShizZy] sets mode: -o Knuckles
[16:53] * [ShizZy] sets mode: +v Knuckles
[16:53] <[ShizZy]> there needs balance
[16:53] <[ShizZy]> it looks bad if everyone is op
[16:53] <[ShizZy]> :p
[16:54] <t0rek> well that's right
[16:55] <t0rek> I's the first time I got op status in a channel...

I had teh power!!!!!


At your service, dood!
S0 1337!!!! w00000ttt IRC!!!!! (in other words: Meh) - I know IRC like the back of my hand - once you get to know it too well you lose interest, it is a crap protocol ;)

General Plot

Britchie Crazy
Heh, wonder why hiroko didn't op me, since it's supposed to be my bot.:p

Edit: I see why now. /me didn't notice shizzy sets mode -o `plot`.:p
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