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i don't understand


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there is one thing i do not understand about dreamcast emulation. so far there is no emulator that can sucessfully run any commercial rom, correct?
now lets say i had found a place to get dreamcast roms and people are clearly downloading them...my question is why? what could people want with these roms if they are unplayable :plain:

...i just can't work it out, anyone got an opinion on this, please let me know?


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See this is whats wrong with the world today...
People tend to forget about the real Console :cry:


The Soul Reaving Gentleman
Lord Cheese said:
gent, i told you this board was the forbidden fruit for you. one more post = banz0r! :p

Sorry Boss :(
It wont happen again :p

Well it might as i love this Emu & Board Too Much To Probley Stop Posting in Here soooo.

Incase of that Event :bye3: IA :D
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