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I consider this Emu dead for good

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I have to agree with you. UltraHLe was stunning for its time, but has been surpassed long ago. I wonder where RealityMan and Epsilon are now?

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Indeed. But UHLE Alpha was mantained by some other guys, (Shadowprince and Knuckles), and it was based over UHLE's leaked source; Shadow got off the team, and then it died. Well, you guys know the story. I wonder what happened with the guys at UHLE 2064 team... hmm, I'll post at their topic to ask it.


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UGH! Why does everyone have to post such negative things? Seriously...UltraHLE was awsome when it was released. People work their asses off to bring emulation to us at no cost, so why do so many people out there have to be so ungrateful? It's a shame that people can't get banned for being whiny pricks...:angry:


I concur, UltraHLE was amazing back in the day and was the pioneer of the commercial n64 emulators

Still like to use it now and then actually


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Maybe I Should Give Ultra HLE A Try...

I Don't Have Voodoo So I Can't Try The Orininal. :plain:

Most Emulators Discontinue. It's A Fact! :(


It's awful when someone bumps old threads. Even more disgusting when someone bumps lame threads. :getlost:
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