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I am looking for additional programming help (optional)

Janet Merai

TLOZ: Unicorns Lair Artist
You may know me as the one creating the art side of "The Legend of Zelda: The Unicorns Lair"

My girlfriend is programming the entire game, and I know it is going to take a long time to even get the gameplay to move around to work.

To the point, I want to know if any of you programmers are interested on helping to create this fan-game.

This is for fun and you "will" be credited for your work.
There is no pay and you could also possibly get into the gaming industry field!

Please refer to the "Zelda 64 Project: Unicorn Fountain and Triforce" thread in the "General Nintendo 64 Discussion" forum.

My MSN contact is "janetmerai[at]hotmail[dot]com"

Thank you, and I hope you can help out! :D

Edit- Fixed my email, I forgot the "i" at the end of my name in the hotmail address :p

Thanks to Eric for pointing that out :)
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Janet Merai

TLOZ: Unicorns Lair Artist
Anyone else interested in programming this game?
We need a programmer to help make this game possible.

The artwork is easily being done.


Well just to let you know people are a bit busy this time of year in the college realm and most programmers of any experience are busy with many projects.

Using Self as an example I'm working in a project that is multi year in scope.
As well as having a host of my own projects I wish to finish.

It's not as though people were disinterested.

It's more an issue of not having enough time :)



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Indeed many of us have just started studying again, have other projects, and still have to find the time to get totally wasted at least three times a week ;)

Also in general, you will not attract new developers easily until you have something to show, be it screenshots or a working prototype.

Janet Merai

TLOZ: Unicorns Lair Artist
Me and my girlfriend have plans to fake the game to get people interseted in it :p

We are going to use screenshots of our plans and stuff, not actually programmed, but models done and renders of what we have in mind.

I am working on the game document design, geared to get people interested :p

If anyone is looking for something fun and is a programmer, just contact me on MSN Messenger :)