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Hypseus Singe v2.8.0 released!

Hypseus Singe v2.8.0 is released. Hypseus is a fork of Matt Ownby's Daphne. A program to play laserdisc arcade games on a PC, Mac or Raspberry Pi. This version includes Singe support for Fan Made and American Laser Games.

Hypseus Singe v2.8.0 changelog:

Daphne 16bit VLDP (frame) limit constraint has been removed
Singe games exceeding 65535 frames are now supported *
Enable 32bit RPi support for m2v fseek()ing on files over 2Gb in size
Prevent potential Buffer Overflow in RETROPATH LUA resource definitions
Singe -bootsilent argument attempts to mute sound on initVLDP() **
LUA lfs module now works correctly with -retropath