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How is it coming?


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Since the site hasn't been updated in a while and no new versions have been posted I was wandering if its dead or slowed down a lot. Also what the status of the emulator is. Because dreamcast is the best system ever.


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yeah i know about icarus!(go there everyday to read the forums!) but 2 dreamcast emulators is always better than one and this one is already realeased! which icarus is not(but hopefully will be soon) and by the way are you the same ector who is continuing fires graphics plugin and making the dynarec for icarus. because ector and cyrus64 and the guys who coded this emu are my heros.
yup, although ive only got 3 exams left now till summer.

perhaps some progress then when i have some time off.

hehe, cyrus is more active on this forum than i am :D