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How does one change what save file type is loaded?


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Just wondering if there is a way to change the type of save file the emulator loads.
I'm trying to load a .fla file for Majora's Mask and Nemu64 only loads the .sra files...

I could use a .sra file instead but I can't find one anywhere. (If someone could give me a 100% .sra file for Majora's Mask I would be extremely grateful.)

Edit:I apologize if a thread similar to this exists,I looked but I couldn't find one.
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Majora's Mask only uses FlashRAM (.fla) saves. I assume this is a misdetection from the emulator.

What about you simply use a non-ancient emulator like Project64 (or even 1964 or Mupen64)?


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I should have mentioned I am using a debug rom and I found nemu64 supported it the best,although my other emulators (pj64,1964,and Mupen64) are quite outdated...
I'll look around to see if I can get a better emulator or maybe fiddle around with nemu a bit more,just because I am comfortable with the debug tools.

P.S Sorry for the late response,and thanks for the help. :D