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Home run thing in Super Smash Bros Melee

Van Halen Man

New member
What were all of your high scores in this.
I had somewhere around 16,000 feet I think. I would look to see exactly what I had, but I lost it. It was my VERY FAVORITE game ever, and I lost it. But now a days I could buy another one for cheap, but what will happen is I will buy it and then I will find the other one the next day.
But anyways, I got what ever my high score is with Ganandorf (or however you spell his name)

Ma Chao

Proud Warrior
Isn't the max score for Home-run Contest 9,999 feet? Although the bag keeps flying after the 9,999 count, but it can mark higher values than 9,999?
Van Halen Man

Van Halen Man

New member
I'm pretty sure that 9,999 isnt the limit. But since I can just look to se the score I gues I cant really argue.

and your name wouldnt happen to be gabe or matt would it?
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