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HL2 for pre-load on steam.


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Just shows that they are getting ready to release the game ;) I'm gonna get the files as soon as the server isn't as busy. Basically, downloads the necessary files to play the game like models and maps, but the files needed to exec the game aren't included (at least I've heard so) Can't wait to get my files downloaded.


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I'm at 76% right now... just click back on "start preloading" every 5 - 10 minutes, you'll get on easily enough (that's how I did it). :)


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posty_2k3 said:
Finally got the download started ;) How did you get that monitor thing to show?

Right-click on the Steam icon in the tray, and I believe the option is "Monitor"

Also, you can double-click the HL2 entry in the games list, it has a different style monitor (not as advanced).

My preloading is finished yay!

EDIT: If current FPS in CS:S beta are any indication, I'm going to get about 50fps in 1024*768 or about 63fps in 800*600. Works for me! :bouncy:
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