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Hey Rice!


Leap of Faith
If you did in fact pay for that new Radeon 9600 card on your own simply to help you work on your plugin, I would really like to send you a little donation directly to you. Not much just $10 bucks or something. Just to show some appreciation for your efforts in making N64 emulation all that much more enjoyable on Radeon cards. :)


Emulator Developer
Yes, I paid on my own expense. But I would like to think you very much for your appreciation. Don't bother to send me $10 since I have got enough money to cover such an expense (along with my new desktop PC. I have setup a new system with a AMD Athlon XP 2600+ / 512MB DDR 3200 / Abit NF-S7 V2, it works great. I am enjoying it very much.)


Leap of Faith
nice system! As you wish for the donation. thank you once again for all the effort you put into your work. Some idiots may not show it and I am sure it sometimes feels in vein, but many peeps really appreciate. Me being one of them (and my 2 kids who love playing N64 on their computers). :)


Emu_64 HiP Coder
I will add myself to Lazertag's words. You have done a great work with your plugin Rice, and one of the best things to do is to thank you for it. Hope your freetime's efforts are well appreciated by evryone else


New member
Just have to mention that your plugin has come on in leaps and bounds with regards to compatibility Rice :) It works great now on this Radeon 8500 with no crashes in recent memory.

Nice one, and keep up the excellent work.