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Hey Guys! I'm BACK!!


less evil admin ;)
Man, this place was so calm and peaceful lately.


just kidding ice, welcome back!



Leap of Faith
I'm sure you will hear from others, but dredging up old dead posts, especially when you have nothing new or informative to add, is frowned upon here.


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Nice to see you all

Nice to see you back Ice.

I love these forums for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is that much of the greatest emulator developers I have ever heard of also participates on it.

It so pleasant to me hear the voice of such as great developers among lots of people that loves emulation and emulator developing. I think this keeps these forums alive and with high activity. Ice, Jabo, Zilmar, Smiff, Lemmy, Rice, Schibo, Orkin, Hacktarux, ... and a long list of others. Thanks for your work and for the time you dedicated to emulation and emulators.

Moreover. When I first discover emulators (few years ago), PJ64 was already starting. N64 emulation impressed me very much. I inmediatly sent an email to Jabo and Zilmar to thank them for such a wonderful thing. I had no response (and I understand it) but I consider these forums to be the response of many people interested in emulation to all "emulation fans"

Thanks everyone for participating, Long life to Emutalk!

EDIT: Sorry for the long post. This matter touched my heart!