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Help with Multiplayer


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Hi everyone, i'm new here, trying to find a solution to my problem.
I'll explain...I have modded Final Fantasy Tactic and balanced it to play PvP, right now its only possible to play HotSeat
Both player must use the same "controller"
So far the only way i was able to play Online is through PC Sharing Program, but those i tried have lag that makes the game not really fun for the guy that doesnt host
I tried to play Online with Netplay, but since both players use same controller it doesnt work...also because its a modded ISO, it doesnt seem to work

Any solutions i could go with, that i havent heard of?

Thanks a lot!
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You may be able to fix that with the ability to download some sort of plugin to fix the issue on the emulating process. By putting it in the plugins file if you have ePSXe.