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HELP with Chankast and resident evil code veronica


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Ok here is my problem whenever i use chankast to play resident evil code veronica, it goes straight to the music player, i read that there is a similar problem for windows 2k but i am using windows vista home premium edition, is there anything else i should know, i have the bios and everything set up on it from my dreamcast like i read online i just cant think of anytihng else it could be.


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Gah, why do people still try to use such an outdated emulator to play games which hasn't been in development for years and is full of issues?

If you are trying to use Chankast to play games, then don't. Download one of the newer, better Dreamcast emulators which are being actively developed such as NullDC, Demul, and Makeron.

This is the only way you are going to solve most if not nearly all of the bugs or problems Chankast has