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Help please - Lego Dimensions AND emulators on SAME console


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My son wants a Lego Dimensions Starter Pack for Christmas. We don’t own any game consoles. My kids have tablets, and play Android games. I want a console that can run emulators for some family fun with old arcade and console games, and also Android games. I don’t know much about all of this, and I’m quickly learning that the challenge is how to BOTH play Lego Dimensions AND run emulators on only ONE machine. I’m still learning how Lego Dimensions works. I understand the only piece that’s system specific is the portal base, and the Wii, Wii U, PS3, and PS4 all use the same portal base, but the Xbox One and Xbox 360 cannot share, and each need their own. So, my first thought is to buy one of the consoles Lego Dimensions is made for, and load emulators on it.

If possible, I’d also like to be able to:

Use wireless controllers - up to 4 if possible

Install Amazon Marketplace (needs Android emulator) to be able to install/play Amazon exclusive Android games

Not important, but would be really nice:Able to install home theater software and movie files (would I use the controllers or tv remote to navigate?)

Use as a dvr

Maybe a wireless keyboard (although not sure what I would need this for – maybe to navigate the home theatre software)?

This would be hooked up to a Roku TV - if that matters.

Xbox One S or a gaming pc has been suggested to accomplish all of the above. But I’ve read that Android emulators on Xbox don’t exist. Would the portal base for Xbox One also work on Xbox One S?

Using a gaming pc sounds like a possible solution as long as Lego Dimensions can be played. I’ve read that a pc can detect the portal base that can be shared between the Wii, Wii U, PS3, and PS4. However, I’m not sure if this would be the best solution because I would need to run Lego Dimensions on an emulator, and I’ve read that the game performance could lag plus if any other content that needs to be loaded besides the starter pack might not work.

How can I make this happen? Which console would be the best taking into consideration performance, price, availability...?

Would a pc really work? Doing a quick search I see that starter packs are mostly available and the most affordable for all consoles EXCEPT Xbox One. If this works on a pc, I have several starter packs to choose from at a reasonable price that would arrive before Christmas. Again, my main concern with a pc is if the portal base will be detected, and if any other game play will not work properly. Also, I'm not sure how powerful of a pc I would need, what type of configuration, or what to expect to spend. I'm willing to spend a few hundred for an Xbox One, so I guess the same for the pc although I'm not sure if that's realistic.

Thank you for any help figuring this out.
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