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Help converting no$gba saves for DeSmuMe!


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I'm having trouble converting my no$gba save files to work on DeSmuMe. I tried using Unique Geeks' Save File Converter, but it simply doesn't work for 90% of my games. When I try to convert a RAW .sav file to a .dsv file and load it in DeSmuMe, it starts off with a blank file. In certain games like Kirby Super Star Ultra or New Super Mario Bros, it gives me a save error message. The same thing happens when I try to import the .sav files in DeSmuMe. The only games that do load properly are Advance Wars Dual Strike, Elite Beat Agents and the Pokémon games. All were saved as RAW .sav files. What am I doing wrong?

For the record, I've included a .sav file of New Super Mario Bros. Can someone please check if this can be converted properly to work on DeSmuMe? Also included below is my configuration for no$gba's settings.


;no$gba 2.6 generated config file - do not edit

GBA Mode == GBA SP (backlight)
NDS Mode == Nintendo DS (normal 4MB)
Emulation Speed, LCD Refresh == -Realtime, Auto
Reset/Startup Entrypoint == -Start Cartridge directly
Topmost Display Lines == -Display Normal
Sound Output Mode == Digital Stereo
Sound Desired Sample Rate == -High (44kHz) (best)
Video Output == 24bit True Color
Emulate BIOS Functions == By real GBA.ROM (accurate)
Solar Sensor Level == Darkness
GBA Cartridge Backup Media == -Auto
NDS-Cartridge Backup Media == -Auto
Multiboot Port == -None/Disabled
Multiboot Completion == -Auto-close Upload Box
Multiboot Normal/BurstDelays == -Medium/Medium (stable)
Game Screen Filter == None (fast)
Decompressed Help File == Delete after Usage
Create Game Window at == Upper/right of Debug Window
Game Screen Sizing == Strict
IIgame_size == normal
Number of Emulated Gameboys == -Single Machine
Link Gamepaks == -Gamepaks in all GBAs
Link Cable Type == -Automatic
Performance Indicator == -Show Timing only if <>100%
Autosave Options == -Nope
Load ROM-Images to == -All machines

Joypad Button A == 1
Joypad Button B == 2
Joypad Select == 3
Joypad Start == 4
Joypad Button L == 5
Joypad Button R == 6
Joypad Button X == 7
Joypad Button Y == 8
SNESpad Adapter == -None/Disabled (fast)
SNESpad Button A == -Button A
SNESpad Button B == -Button B
SNESpad Button X == -Button X
SNESpad Button Y == -Button Y
Mouse Control Mode == -Free Move (right button=on)
Joysticks/Gamepads == Disabled (fast)

SAV/SNA File Format == Raw
IIautoRun == yes
Firmware Boot == Manual
3D Renderer == nocash
IIsnd == stereo
IIreg == show
IIcrk == show

gdb_xsiz == 00000000
gdb_ysiz == 00000000
cht_xsiz == 00000000
cht_ysiz == 00000000
Game_xloc == 000001C1
Game_yloc == 0000008B
Game_xsiz == 000109D9
Game_ysiz == 000109CC

KEYB_1 == 111F1E2019180D1C26271A1B
KEYB_2 == A1A9A4A65253517526135959
KEYB_3 == 595959595959590259595959
KEYB_4 == 595959595959590359595959
KEYB_5 == 595959595959590459595959
KEYB_6 == 595959595959590559595959
KEYB_7 == 595959595959590659595959
KEYB_8 == 595959595959590759595959
KEYB_9 == 595959595959590859595959
KEYB_A == 595959595959590959595959
KEYB_B == 595959595959590A59595959
KEYB_C == 595959595959590B59595959



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NO$GBA saves aren't raw, they're compressed. Dunno if DeSmuME can import them, but I know it's able to generate NO$-compatible save files, so...