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Hello all, I know this means barely anything but please, keep up the good progress on the PS2 Emu.

I was reading the post from the fellow below, reel something or other. Kind of completely pissed me off an you could obviously tell the kid knew jack an shit about the actual system in the first place to take into mind the type of coding it would require. Not speaking that the PS2 has the most complicated engine prolly ever created. The emotion engine is one hell of a beast to try an emulate.Which leads me to my next question...

Are emus in short a Devkit lol?

Ok that wasn't my real question but anyways, I understand many are pretty xp'd in the whole programing end... so the real question is... How did you learn to code these kind of things? How long did it take you to learn? How long have you been doing this (not the project but xping in any kind of emulation.)

I'd love to really get into helping in this endeavor to get a working emulator going. I do know a bit about VB / C++, but not nearly enough to be useful in this end. Any links with information on coding that could help in this end would be greatly appreciated.

All in all, as a career , I would even like to explore a bit into this for the simple fact that i am intreasted in coding for a video game. So I see it as more knowledge, more power.... :huh: or something... anyways thanks for taking the time to read this dribble. Feel free to privately email me at [email protected] with comments and answers....


Well, you are not the first :)
You should try out a chip8 emulator. It's so easy even the dumbest can create one :whistling
There's lots of threads 'bout it and sources at which you can look at. If you can manage to get it working, then welcome to the emulation scene!

Just note that you should learn enough about C/C++ so you can complete the project... because other emulators - even gameboy! - is soooooo much more complicated.

Good luck.


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I have been working in the past few days on my first emulator...
Guess what: it's a Chip-8 Emulator written in VB6.

It is actually a great starting point to write a Chip-8 Emulator, for it can be done in 4-5 hours and you experience the kick very soon.

So far it has full Chip-8 implementation, Super Chip-8 works with a few bug's and there is a real-time disassembler that lists the current opcode.

I have set up a page for it at http://www.fe.up.pt/~vma/chip8. There you can find the source code as well, to check out how it's done.

Currently I started to write my C64 emu in VB6. There is already one, but without the source code.