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Having Trouble With The Save State Feature On JNES


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I am having trouble with the JNES which is a great emulator over all just the save state feature is giving me problems. The other day I was playing Startropics 2 on it and save the state when I was in the pyrmid part of level two pretty close to the boss and I was tired of playing at that point and so I save the state to come back to it later. When I did come back to it I was in the middle of the part where you are walking through a grass maze where you have to find the monkey to get some magic spell. An otherwords all that I had accomplish after this had been lost and I had to start from here again any help you could give me as why this is happening would be great. It is just not this game I have had it happen on a few others that I cannot remember the names off the top of my head at the moment. In other words it is not keeping the state in fact I have been in a middle of game where I was saving states quite fequently and when I would get hit I would hit the F7 button to load the state and there would be no state to load so I had F5 it to save from that point. This is not major but I would like some help with this issue as to why this is happening and what can I do to fix it. Thank You.
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