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Happy Christmas Everyone @ Emutalk!


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He's been here, done that. He only come once a year so he had a pretty big bag ;)

Had a nice christmas, I hope the rest of you will as well. :)


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im not meant to celebrate christmas, im a jew...dradle dradle dradle... just saw the 'spirit of christmas' south park thingy, crapped my pants with laughter.

i aint getting no pressies. got my ps2 on saturday, aand opened it too early. unless theres any surprises for me......me searches my parents room!!!

is it me or is christmas well low key this year. the tv guide is shite this year (although BaseKETball was wkd), the shops werent that busy, santas grotto was crap....whine whine whine blah blah blah.


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Dradle dradle dradle I made you out of clay dradle dradle dradle with dradle I will play. by Kyle Brochlovski(Or something like that :) )

/me remembers that Southpark episode and me goes of to fin it on tape.

Merry Xmas to everybody :xmas: :xmas: :xmas:


Epic bump to say Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope you have a great festive period. 🎅