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GunzOnline - shoot and slice the fuck out of people, FOR FREE


Emu64 Staff

Heard about this little game on another forum. Apparently, it's an online action game that combines firearms and cold weapons with Matrix style tricks such as bullet dodging and wall jumping. I haven't had the chance to play it yet since the download servers are sort of slow and the download is chugging at 22.7 kb/s at the moment, but it has been getting good responses from the people that have played it, and apparently it has a rather large community.
The best part - it's absolutely free, so even if it sucks balls you're not wasting any money on it. Download away.


New member
I was playing this last night - a right bugger to get on the servers, but once I did then I found the game to be quite a lot of fun. Certainly can't complain for the zero cost :)


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The main server for this is very flakey - seems to be completely down at the moment. Hoping it'll be back up again later.


That Damn Good
Wow, game looks great. Too bad I'm on 56k for the summer, oh well I guess I can wait until I get back in the dorm.