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Guess what filetypes nintendo uses for Wii games? Pictures inside [56K Warning]


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Can you open the arc files in a hex editor and post the header letters? (meaning the first four or more letters in the file). Or by using notepad. I don't think the wii files are Yaz0r encrypted.

I'm new to Nintendo files but I thought Yaz0 was compression? It looks like a RLE compression. Yes Wii games still use it. The .carc archives of Wii Sports are "compressed" arc's and decompress fine. Mario Kart .szs are also Yaz0 compressed.

Oh and I registered to ask if anyone has listened to the audio tracks on Mario Kart Wii. The sounds look to be stored in brsar's, just an archive so extraction would be easy. The actual audio have a "RWAV" tag in the header. Any info on this? It is structured like a .wav file but no luck outright.
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I have no clue what kind of data the kcl files could hold though. They seem pretty interesting due to their filesize, which can sometimes be nearly as big as the bdl itself.

I think this file contains collision data or at least geometry data: I found out that the first section of the file contains vertex data (simple x,y,z values).
Here is a screenshot and a hex snippet of the (i suppose) the indices section:

However i don't know how to connect the vertices. It seems that the 3rd section contains index data, but it's too complicated for me:unsure:

Maybe someone else could look at it.

PS: the file i used was in a GC game not in a WII one
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Could someone help me with that file type. I'm getting crazy with it. It's really too complicated for me.:down:


I found a huge amount of normals in the file. If each normals belongs to a face there are more faces in the kcl file that in the bmd file!!. I also tryed to overlap my points to the bmd model. Most of the vertices overlap but a lot are missing


look at that video:
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sorry to bring up a fairly old thread, but I am wondering if anyone knows where the SZS files for the Mii parts would be saved? I would love to see someone get those working and make a full 3d mii viewer for pc. Or even a mii creator? I have tried messing with a bunch of the files from wii sports/fit and mario kart wii, but none of my trials get me anything, I always get stuck with an empty folder, or an error.

Btw, your guys work thus far is amazing. You are inspiring me to learn coding. Any good places to start learning or explanations of what languages you use?

Keep it up!


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The Mii's body is sometimes stored in a Wii ISO as backup (MarioKartWii, WII SPORTS,) but they are not in an viewable/extractable format yet.

The head, body and facial features of the Mii is stored in the Wii's NAND, and the individual Mii information and pants colour is stored on the Mii channel.

Yeah, the data is all over the place XD . Hope that clears things up.


Hey, I was considering buying a Nintendo DS, I was wondering if it was really worth it to spend the extra money on the 3DS or will the DS light or other DS versions (other then 3DS) do? Most of the games I would play on the console would be your pokemon, Mario types, and maybe so other adventure, strategy types. Thank you in advance for your answers and if you want any extra details just ask.

Yes the 3DS library is completely different to the DS library two different handhelds plus the 3DS is backwards compatible with DS games.