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I have the .iso for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas but when i click Run > Open and choose the .iso file.

My computer says that the emulator is Not Responding.

Can you please help me?


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The emulator cannot run PS2 ISOs yet, only homebrew and I think the BIOS. Even then, the requirements would be far too high for your PC to handle.


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I heard that if you buy the game and put it in your PS2 it will run perfectly. I don't know if it's true though...


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Is it slightly odd that a game which promotes stealing (amongst other things) gets stolen, and they get upset about it?

Anyhow, if you want to play GTA:SA you'll need a few things. 1)money 2)a game store where it's in stock 3)a PS2 4)a tv...


Lococard said:
I heard that, if the members of emutalk were nice, it might become popular

If you would ask sensible questions then yes, PS2 emulation is extremely difficult to acheive, you can't expect it to be done already


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Even if there was a PS2 emulators that played this game right now our current computer systems are still all too slow to run them, hence why its a stupid question... also, emutalk is already popular, so nuts to you.


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I dont' blame you for asking this question. Someone has to figure this kind of information out somewhere. Like others have said. PS2 emulation is still not near completion. The most advanced PS2 emu that I know of is PCSX2. It can get ingame on several games, but you also see very many graphical glitches in it. It also runs at 1-4 FPS on fairly high end machines. Don't look to be able to use PS2 emulation for a few more years to come. The only way to play this game right now is with a real PS2. It is worth to get a PS2 as there are also many other great games for it.


sethmcdoogle said:
Anyhow, if you want to play GTA:SA you'll need a few things. 1)money 2)a game store where it's in stock 3)a PS2 4)a tv...

Let me edit that:
Money- no
game- gently steal
ps2- ebay & fix
tv- nah-u got this monitor

you need a creditcard, and ebay account.

PM me for instructions :icecream:

(there's no such thing as a free lunch -yes a to get a lunch for no money you need to spend TIME)


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Everything after Clements considerate "answering of the question"....
unnecessary schoolyard bullshit :yawn:. Grow up. My 2 cents before the lock.
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