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graphics problem


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well with all my games i have tried so far on 1964 the graphics are all weird like when it starts its fine just after the letter the graphics are all distorted looking help?


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um... im guessing my plugins and graphics card i am using raedon 9700 pro/9500 and rice's dealicous something lol 5.3.1 and for audio im suing schibo's 1.2 and for input n rage 2 1.80 and nothing for rsp


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KoЯn said:
That plugin does not work well with Radeons.
Try the unofficial 5.2.0 release you can find around here.

Here we go.

incorrect, make sure that Software T+L option is checked in the video plugin options, and it works fine. I had the same problem; it is a bug that appeared at the last minute, all radeon cards are like this.