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Graphical oddity ?


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Hi, I'm new to emulators and such- but, I spent most of yesterday downloading chankast. But, it seems to not be working properly.

I downloaded an ISO, the BIO's files, everything I needed, renamed the bios, etc. I'm not getting any error messages- but...

I'll load the game, and it brings me to a messed up version of the opening sequence (sort of like the base graphics, all black with a grey background) and I can hear the audio (drips.) then if I press start or wait too long it goes to a light blue screen and nothing at all comes up.

I'm getting kinda tired of this, and am thinking about switching to another emulator, but I also want to give it another shot. Any suggestions or knowledge?


16-bit Corpse | Moderator
Sounds like another case of Intel integrated graphics. If you graphics chip is made by Intel, you can stop trying to make the emulator work properly. Another emulator will not work any better (most likely anyway).


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It might be, because my computer is a dell (Windows XP) so they go to intel for basically everything.

I have a couple other emulators that work, but they aren't as complicated as Dreamcast.