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Graphic Problems with Zelda


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So I informated my friend to world of emulation with PJ64.

He has very old computer,I dont know other specs than graphic card which is Intel 82815

We tested Zelda ocarina of time with his computer and it runs fairly well.

Speed is mostly at 60 fps and graphics are fine..mostly.
Some small things like hearts,ocarina notes and bomb explosions are missing.
We tested Jabos 1.6 plugin,Rices 6.1.0 and gln64.
Jabo worked best but on it special effects what I mentioned are missing.

Weird thing is that with Rices plugin,example hearts and explosions are showing fine but all terrain and link is white.

So my question is there any possibilities to fix example jabos plugin to show these effects or fix Rice to show terrain and link properly?
We haven't tested glide64 yet so I dont know what results it give

the master 123

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considering that card is low than my sister intel 945gv card it probably better off with direct 6 plugin, however that may not remove the graphic problems. consider that chipset is design for a pentium 3 and 2 though this is unrelevien since you getting 60fps. My sister computer has graphicly glitches(In pokemon statium 2 for example the tree are white no matter what plugin I used actually until my computer though that was a emulation glitch until my computer) Since you card is older it probably will have more graphical glitches than the card.