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Graphic/loading Problem


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Hi, I have been trying to load Sonic Adventure 2 for a while now

- When trying the ASPI plugin, I kept getting the "can't read TOC from so-and-so : drive". So I tried updating my ASPI plugins as the FAQ said to do (though the links that lead to the plugins on the FAQ no longer work, I navigated through the site and found the updates myself).

- After that I tried to make sure that I mounted the disc image properly. As it turns out, I had been using the newest version of DAEMON, so I got Alcohol 52% instead. Still didn't work.

- Next I tried the xxx plugin. It loaded the Dreamcast intro screen, but the swirl logo and everything else was all black and the sound skipped a lot. After the swirl ended and it went to the game, the screen became light-blue...

Any suggestions on how I can get this to work?

Windows Vista (bleh)
Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core (1.73 GHz per Core)
graphics: Intel 965 (Mobile) (also bleh)

Thanks in advance=]


16-bit Corpse | Moderator
Blame your integrated Intel graphics chip. No, you can't fix it.

You should try other better emulators, like nullDC and Demul, to see if they perform better. Don't expect too much though, Intel is poison for Dreamcast emulators.


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Yeah figured as much... I hate that chipset so much:angry:

Thanks though!

Will it run on these specs alright?

Windows 7
Processin: Intel dual quad core (2.50 GHz per)
graphics: ATI Redeon HD 4350


16-bit Corpse | Moderator
Will run with far less than that as well, so yeah.

We'll I don't have Windows 7, so I can't say how well these emulators run under it, but at least nullDC and Demul should.