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Gpfce 0.4 For Wiz - Nes Emulator for Wiz


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Category: <b>GP2X</b><br><br>Orkie has posted a new version of the Nes Emulator for the Wiz:

Hooked it up to libcastor and got it playing nicely with some advice from Pickle on how to build it. Slight tearing because I haven't got any kind of double buffering in libcastor yet (though I did get wait for vsync working earlier, so at least half of my objectives for 0.3 have been met ).

Download: http://x11.gp2x.de/openwiz/gpfce-wiz.tar.bz2

And this is why I don't do videos of my stuff (for one thing, my camera can't record sound): http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=V4vdotGcAjc