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GP2X-Colem 1.0.3, GP2X-MO5 1.0.2, GP2X-7800 1.04, GP2X-SIM 1.0.3 Released


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- Speed improvements, the z80 part has been rewritten using jump tables,
- Emulation accuracy improvements (original hidden frameskip of one has been removed, and cpu cycles are modified according to ntsc/pal mode)
- Add ntsc/pal option
- Display and save thumbnail images for each save state
- Add several new hotkeys :
  . settings such as fps, render mode, auto fire speed can now be directly modified inside the emulator (no need to enter in the settings menu)
  . quick save / quick load current state (no need to enter in the main menu)
- Default Hotkeys can now be set in the keyboard mapping menu (useful to add hotkeys on existing/previous keyboard files)
- Auto-fire mode, press RTrigger+X to switch it on/off
- New graphics and add a simple intro splash screen
- Option to display frame rate
- Option to prevent the blue led to be displayed when L or R are pressed

:: GP2X-Colem Official Site


- Fix in sound volume control

:: GP2X-MO5 Official Site


- Optimizations to speed up the emulation, frame rate is now close to 50 fps even at 200Mhz
- Bug fix in the file requester
- L/R Trigger key can be used in the keyboard settings menu

:: GP2X-7800 Official Site


- Minor speed improvement ...
- Bug fix in sound volume control
- Bug fix in rom file requester

:: GP2X-SIM Official Site