What's new

Gopher2600 v0.29 has released!

Gopher2600 is an emulator of Atari 2600. Although performance is not as effective as some other emulators, it is nevertheless appropriate to play games on a reasonably modern computer.



  • GUI

  • Television

  • PAL-M now generates NTSC colours rather than PAL
  • Better framing of image

  • Other

  • Emulator responds to HUP signal by reloading the current cartridge
  • CoProcessor (ARM) Registers window now works with CDFJ and DPC+
  • Global and Local variables can now be filtered
  • Freetype rendering is no longer used in the default builds

  • Bug fixes

  • Misbehaving ARM programs could cause a crash by accessing memory addresses that aren't represented in the emulation
  • Requesting multiple composite screenshotting could cause deadlocks
    • If screen size changed between requests then the compositing process deadlocked
  • Paddle movement with the stelladaptor was inverted
    • Bug introduced in v0.28.0
  • CPU in KIL state did not tick the TIA and RIOT
  • Moviecart
    • ROM would crash if moviecart volume control was increased to the maximum
    • Brightness control moved in incorrect increments
    • OSD display was affected by brightness level