What's new

Gopher2600 v0.28 has released!

Gopher2600 is an Atari 2600 emulator. Although the performance is not as efficient as some other emulators, it is still suitable for playing games on a reasonably modern computer.


  • Paddles

  • User input handled more frequently meaning finer paddle control

  • Moviecart

  • Improved behaviour of video/audio when the movie is rewound to the start/end of the video
    • this reflects recent changes in the real Moviecart kernel
  • Automatic setting of TV specification now works
    • Format of movie cannot be detected until after movie starts

  • Television

  • Setting the TV mode also changes the underlying clock speed of the console
    • PAL and SECAM run at different speeds to NTSC machines
  • Added PAM-M
    • this sets the clock of the machine to PAL-M but attached to a PAL TV

  • Bug fixes

  • Stepping back in the debugger
    • bugs introduced in v0.26.0
    • stepping back by one instruction was out by one colour clock
  • Improved detection of correct starting bank for Atari cartridges
    • also affects EF cartridge
    • the technique can be expanded to other mappers if required
  • Rewind/Fast-Forward icon never appeared on screen
    • bug introduced in v0.25.0
  • ARM TIM1 enabling was not working
    • the enable bit was not being masked correctly
  • Capturing of emulation state (for the rewind system) was sometimes missed in playmode