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Goldeneye Compression CRACKED!


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We've cracked one form of Goldeneye's compression. It's taken us months and an extraordinary amount of frustration, but at long last...we've done it!

Update 1.1 of our ROM Editor. This time...you can replace 1,743 images, nearly every image from the game with any properly sized user image you create. Remake full level textures, face sets, character sets, there are so many possibilities.

Save all of your changes as permanent ROMs or an ips patch, so that your textures will now be permanently stored in a ROM!



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SubDrag you rock, guy!
You are so great, YOu and the oter Rarewitch project members did many great things for one of the best N64 games ever! THX!


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Quick note, for anyone who downloaded it previously:
There was a glitch that prevented .z64 and .n64 (16-bit non-byteflipped ROMs) from being loaded. It has been corrected, so nab it if you had a problem loading your ROM.

Cheers, get to it. Modify the bullethole in 20 x 20G (32 x 32 pixels replacement 4 or 8-bit < 256 color bitmap [less colors the smaller size, the better]) to start, it's superb. Photoshop is recommended, so you can tweak the colors pretty low (you won't really see a difference even at 10 colors).