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Goldeneye and Perfect Dark mouse and Keyboard 60 FPS!

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I posted a link a long time ago that got removed that contained a download link for this awesome bundle. I just got back on this forum and saw how many people seen the thread, so I made a YouTube video of this bundle in action. Enjoy!

My Review On This Bundle: It takes minimal setup and the graphics are so nice when set to your monitor's resolution. The only bug I can find is sometimes your arrow shows and stays on the center of the games screen but the game is still 100% functional. If anything it adds an advantage ;). The controls feel just like a pc fps and makes the game too easy in a lot of cases when you plow through your enemies with Walther PPK headshots

[Snip LINK]
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As the video links to a package presumed to contain ROMs the link has been removed.
This is your first and last warning Roms and links to sites containing roms are prohibited!

If you wish you may post information without copyrighted games.
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