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glN64 v0.4


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I got more speed with this plugin enabling "Sideband Adressing" on my AGP slot. The difference of performance is large to me.


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Rice said:
Statusbar location error. Space above statusbar is not drawn by triangles but drawn by FillRect, for both 1964 and PJ64
GeForce-only issue (wasn't clearing the zbuffer behind statusbar). Fixed.

The Khan Artist said:
When I hit F12 to take a screenshot in 1964, some really weird happens. The 1964 status bar starts scrolling up and filling the entire screen.
Wasn't setting the read buffer back to the back buffer. Fixed.

DarkInferno said:
Microcode CRC: 0xfc1e3290
Microcode Data CRC: 0x1e53ec21
Microcode Text: RSP Gfx ucode F3DEX.Rej fifo 2.06 Yoshitaka Yasumoto 1998 Nintendo.
Unknown microcode
Microcode added. Select F3DEX2 until next version is out.

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Really the best plugin ever made for our sweet radeon and really the best gfx quality i ve ever seen,
But with my comp spec if I don t set texture cache size to 128 mb the emulator hang :huh:

keep on the good work orkin ;) and again thank you for this great plugin


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A few bugs:

It is slow on my computer.
That stupid sun split into four bug. (tested in Zelda Master Quest)
Part of the image cut off on the bottom

System specs:
IWill KK266Plus motherboard
CMI8730 Built in audio
Athlon 1400
512 MB PC133 SDRAM
NVidia Geforce3 Ti 200 4x AGP
NVidia Detonator drivers 44.90 (45.20 crashes on bootup for some reason on my PC, as well as most other 41.xx and above drivers)
Windows XP Professional SP1


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as of .4, glN64 is the shiznit of n64 video emulators.
Orkin, you da king.
with hardware buffer enabled there is no flicker in New Tetris. Where all other N64 video plugins have failed, glN64 has triumphed. I have waited a long time for a plugin that doesn't cause a flicker in new tetris *and* isn't slow as molasses.

<minutes later>
spoke too soon. invisible pieces. there's always a catch...:doh:


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Hmm this is a weird one With the frame buffer off in Zelda on My TI card it's has the text messed a bit. But when enabled it looks correct :).

So anyone with a TI it's good to use frame buffer :)

Last shot is with all 2 Sai and 32 bit textures on and frame buffer, in my opineon it looks clearer the textures and the text is sharper with these options on :).


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found a bug, each time I reopen the plugin config for full screen mode, the screen refresh rate always go to 240Hz and mine is only at 60hz, have to put it back each time, could you just put one more option, "current"?


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I'm having troubles with Project 64 and this plugin :-\

I have been using 1964 and it works great, but the sound only works if I use azimer 40 beta2 sound plugin.

So I tried PJ64, I can use Jabos graphics pluging but when I use GLN64 v0.4 windows generates errors, Just like the old version used to do :-\

Also I notice in zelda while playing on 1964, in the buildings when zoomed out there are no textures just green and blue shapes etc.

I've tried different videocard drivers for my radeon 9700 such as The Omega Drivers (cat 3.6 based), ATI Offical Cat 3.6's And D.N.A Drivers (cat 3.6 based)


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I'm having troubles still with the background inside places. It also effects Pokemon stadium The intros are fine but when it gets to the 2d picture or whatever is all messed up.
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a realy weird bug for me is that the settings wont be saved if i leave the emu..??
to got my gfx card work on my system with more than 60 Hz
i had to do this:

Ok, here's another fix which works for me. (I couldn't get the fix described here http://www.rage3d.com/board/showthr...readid=33668464 to work, since the DALR6 CRT_MaxModeInfo got reset no matter what I did).
Start regedit, go to HKLM/Software/ATI Technologies/Driver/0001/DAL (or instead of 0001 whatever number your current driver uses).
Insert a new binary value, named "DALRULE_ALLOWNONDDCCRTALLMODESUPTO1600x1200". Set the value to 01 00 00 00.
Or, you could try "DALRULE_CRTSUPPORTSALLMODES" and set this to 01 00 00 00 instead. (Both work here perfectly, the difference being that one allows resolutions up to 1600x1200x200, the other 2048x1536x200.
That's it, just reboot.
IMPORTANT: you need to set the refresh rate for all resolutions you want to use manually with regedit, since the driver will likely set them to 200hz when you switch resolutions, so you won't get a picture unless your monitor can handle that. So, go to [HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Class\Display\0000 (or whatever number your monitor has)\MODES\x\y,z]. Make a new string "RefreshRate" and set it to "85" or whatever you like and your monitor can handle.
If you forget to do this you might be forced to boot in safe mode since you might get an "out of range" value by your monitor upon boot-up...
btw If it doesn't work for you, then it's likely I forgot something. I've experimented with around 30 registry keys (all extracted from ati2i9ag.dll) and even though I've removed them all except the two mentioned above, I might have done different things I can't remember right now...)
ATI you hear me? Could you please finally fix this really annoying bug?

--> is this possible the causage of my glN64 problems ...i hope not

i´m also having problems with PJ 64 the plugin almost doesn´t work :(
i´ll try 2 things: - update my driver (currently using CAT 3.4)
- try to use 1964

somehow once(just once in PJ 1.4) i got it working, and what i saw there was enlighting. i played Super Mario Kart, the Karts were not green at all :D juhu and the rest.. ahh so smooth

so now i´ll check the drivers and 1964, looking forward to get it to work with PJ 64 ;)

wbr Shin Gouki


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It makes PJ64 Crash!

Mario tennis locks up after displaying weird graphics.

Starfox 64 doesent work properly either.
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Has anyone noticed the emulated motion blur and lens effects yet in Perfect Dark? Or the ripple effect in Mickey's Speedway USA that hardly slows down at all, same as when a jiggy appears in Banjo? There are all sorts of framebuffer effects emulated all over the place that Jabo's plugin doesn't do. It's good to see these effects finally showing up and not just appearing black, even if it results in a framerate drop.

The background to the Perfect Menu is starting to show the FB effects, although its not correct, at least it isn't black. Well done Orkin! There are so many things newly emulated by your plugin that aren't in any others! Let's hope the other plugin authors are encouraged by your plugin to experiment with their own. :)

The Khan Artist

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I just tried Paper Mario, and I must say, it looks totally awesome.

Two problems, however.

1) Whenever I go to the menu (by pressing Start), then move the cursor over to the Party tab, glN64 crashes. Error message attached.

2) Is it possible to fix the space between the polygons in the background in my shot? All the plugins I tried have it, so I'm not too worried.


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Paper Mario:
-Character Mario and Princess in black texture in the castle meeting when Bowser begin his plan to capture the castle.

-At the intro, when Bowser use Star Rod spell, the visual effect on the Star is like block-shape not fog-shaped.

With UltraHLE 2064
It makes the windows running game be minimized, only black screen showed up, sound of game still run.