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Glide64 V0.42 Released!!


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Glide64 V0.42 Released!!

The greatest video plugin for the N64 emulators (especially for all you out there with a Voodoo card) , Glide64, has been updated today!!
Here's whats new :

* Fixed compatibility of Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time - Master Quest with 1964.
* Added new hack to fix sun in Zeldas.
* Added new hack to remove black screens in Sin and Punishment. Thanks Straight for bug report and save files.
* Implemented support of CI textures in Sprite2D microcode, also fixed many bugs there. Wipeout is fully playable now!
* Implemented line3D function. Fixed map in Doom64, line-sector mode.
* Fixed combiners for walls and weapons in Doom64, light rotation effect. Thanks FirebrandX1 for detailed bug report.
* Added new hotkey - texture filtering mode can be changed during gameplay by pressing BACKSPACE. Idea by Raziel64.
Raziel64's new custom ini file.

Download it from the site : here!!! :n64: