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Re: GF3 TI200 all the way!

Tk64 said:
The GF3-TI200 is what I'd tell anyone to use for N64 emus. My new one (AGP 4X) just kicks my old PCI TNT2 M64 into smithereens.

Of course, if your motherboard _only_ supports PCI cards, then chances are that it'll never run PJ64 at a really good speed. Virtually all new/good motherboards now have AGP 4X. If your motherboard only has PCI buses, don't bother getting a new video card. My TNT2 M64 PCI was being limited by the PCI bus speed, not the card itself.

In other words, either use your existing board and vidcard, or get a new Athlon XP / P4 and get a GF3-TI200.

MY GF3-TI200 responds very well to overclocking, and was dirt cheap as I bought it just when GF4-MXs hit the preorder market. 64 MB DDR rocks! :pj64:

On the other card options: I would stay well away from ATI for a while, as their cards are more expensive than GF3s and have glack performance, and also ATI cards usually cause big GFX glitches on these emus.

The GF3 Ti series is benchmarked to be faster than a GF4-MX, and the GF4 is a lot more expensive. Don't bother with a GF3 TI 500, they're too expensive and almost no improvement over the TI 200. GF4 TI series are WAY overpriced.

I wouldn't bother with a GF2 unless it's <$50.

The FIRST thing I'd do is find out if you have AGP slots, and if so what bus speed. (1x? 2x? 4x?) If you don't then get a new motherboard and buy a GF3.

the gf4 ti 4200 is only $200 and its a lot better than the gf3 ti500 the only thing that the gf3 ti500 is better compared to the gf4 ti4200 is the clock speed (yeah by about 25mhz :alien: on core clock and 50mhz of memory lol :alien:), but i go for performance and more features so try to get a motherboard that has agp 4x support and buy a gf4 ti4200 if you can. but if you wanna try the geforce4 ti4400 ($300) or the ti4600 ($400) :D so do your best at choosin a gfx card ;) :alien: heck i could buy myself a 1.2ghz amd athlon with a geforce 4 ti4600 with my motherboard right now but that'll be expensive :blush:


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PCI? Are you crazy?
Just a little EXPLANATION. PCI clockrate is 33MHz (there is also 66Mhz PCI, very rare tho), and the AGP clockrate is 4x33Mhz (depending of the motherboard and the videocard, of course). Soon there will be Agp 8X. Also, as far as I know there is no Geforce >2 that uses the PCI slot.

P.S. Radeon8500 is not so bad ;).
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