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Get "informed" about Palladium


For anyone exceptionally interested, there is also a pretty good article about Palladium and all things related to it in the latest "Linux Format". Needless to say, best you start stockpiling your old hardware now. ;)


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kind of interesting that the Chinese government developed the "dragon" chip... this is could split the PC market,

and just as new £20 notes don't stop forgery, this will not stop piracy,

time to buy an Apple Mac ;)


Grant64 said:
When is Palladium released???????

What OS will it first be on???

well mirosoft only is including it with the next windows they are going to release. I doubt u'd see it with any os apart from a ms Os.

that palladium shit is starting to piss me off though, what the hell is wrong with playing/mixin/editing mp3s? Ok they may be illegal but this is rediculus. I mean why not close down radio? That sends out free new music all over the world, thats the same sort of thing.

M$ is really starting to piss me off though.

1. Palladium
2. Trying to buy capcom
3. Including spyware in XP
4. Shutting down liksang



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palladiums goal is to eliminate both piracy and fair use with one stone. The fact that the technology exists where you can charge somebody for each time they play copyrighted content, but nobody is paying that way just sickens the crap out of the MPAA/RIAA.

They seriously want to be able to tell you what exactly you can and can't do with content that you own a license to, e.g. how you listen to it, when you listen to it, how many copies you have for your own use, (e.g. one in your car mp3 player, one in your portable mp3 player, one in your PC) etc. and they want to charge you for every time you use it.

Lets just hope that this bill gets passed next year.


eventually artists will find a way to not piss off the consumer, and the RIAA will get cut right out of the loop. this is what they are VERY afraid of.

when the britney spears generation starts to backlash (i.e. reach college age), the new hippie "counter culture" is going to have the MEANS to produce some more "real change" including guerilla networks and actual "freedom of information". not this totally hacked crap that our current gov is running...


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The thing is if people are informed about this they will just not use it! Then if no one uses it it will fail


Enough said:

With this announcement, Microsoft competitors and independent programmers should be gearing up for another court case, as this concept reeks of Redmond's historic anti-competitive tactics in the marketplace. Savvy consumers should be very concerned that Palladium will mean that their computers and information are no longer under their positive control but rather under the omnipresent surveillance and enforcement of a third party more interested in turning a profit than empowering their customers to think and act for themselves. The computer will essentially become a tool of surveillance, judgment and control over users, rather than a tool of innovation, communication, and enlightenment.


Hopefully, that article you posted about is true alpha, but remember... anyone can be bought, and who's a better buyer than a multi-billion-dollar company?