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Gekko update - Teasing time!


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Category: <b>GameCube</b><br><br>After keeping a ton of secrets over Gekko's development, we finally decided to show a little part of one.

Here's a screenshot of the emulator running using it's own video plugin in action, you might not see a lot, but that's the goal!

There's still a lot of new stuff the emulator can do that you never saw before on other emulators, but it's up to you to wonder what they are.

:: Gekko Official Website
:: Gekko Official Forums


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STOP TEASING ME!!!!! :ranting:

It's looking very good. :) I assume that shot is from one of the demos and not from actually playing all the way to that point in the game? Or is it...


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As far as I know, Shizzy's Zelda WW gcm is taken directly from his personal gamecube, so, no demo.

I admit when I'm wrong. I was informed it is the demo. I was only aware of the full game.
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