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Gekko News - Gamecube Emulator for Windows


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Category: <b>GameCube</b><br><br>Shizzy posted this news on the Gekko site:

As we are in the process of preparing the next closed beta release (N'Sider), we have decided it would be best for the project to expand our team to include new programmers. The emulator, although very far along in development, is still at a stage where there are many areas of emulation that have yet to even be touched, and the areas that have been worked on are still very incomplete and lacking features. It is simply a lot of work to keep up with with only two developers.

If you are interested in contributing to the project, please let us know what section of the project you are interested in working on (although you will not be limited by this), and your relevant programming experience. If we feel that you will be an asset to the team, we will then welcome you and provide you will all developer access. :) Any inquiries or questions can be sent to me via forum PM. It's a great opportunity to join a very motivated team (I speak for both the developers, testers, N'Siders, and everyone else part of the project) and a very great community.

In addition, we are looking to enhance the website design. If you have interest in this, and experience, please feel free to contact me as well.

Thank you!