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Category: <b>GameCube</b><br><br>My buddy ShizZy has announced that the GameCube emulator <a href=http://6bit.net/gekko/>Gekko</a> has been moved to a new site hosted by 6bit.net with new forums for discussions. There are beta releases of the emulator available at the forums as well.

So we’ve got the gang back together again I’ve been working on the project on and off, and finally got around to making things public. We’ve got a few forums, and the Google Code page as been revamped.

The latest official public release is still v0.30 (same as before), however you can get the latest unofficial build below by visiting this thread.

Please join us on #gekko on EFnet for project discussions. If you’re interested in joining the Google Code project, fill out the contact form, ask me on IRC, or PM me on the forums. We would love some help.

A few screenshots has been posted as well:

<img width=500 src=http://6bit.net/gekko/wp-content/uploads/images/emulators/Gekko/sms-01.png>

<img width=500 src=http://6bit.net/gekko/wp-content/uploads/images/emulators/Gekko/zww-01.png>

<img width=500 src=http://6bit.net/gekko/wp-content/uploads/images/emulators/Gekko/ssbm-01.png>

:: Gekko website
:: Gekko forums